Friday, April 12, 2013

Tangled in Tears

This is my best faking-sadness-right-now-face.  Highly attractive, right?

But really, I am so emotional today, and I don't know why. I cried twice (partly out of sadness and partly out of anger) over the Gosnell trial (if you don't know what it is, an abortionist is standing trial for 7 cases of first-degree murder because he butchered third-trimester infants after they were born [and most of the news media has been silent on the trial] can read more here. Be warned, though, it is extremely graphic).  I cried after practicing the piano for playing the prelude at my grandpa's memorial service tomorrow, because I wished he could hear it and I know he would enjoy it.

Ok, so those are reasonable grounds to cry.

But then I almost cried four times while watching Tangled. FOUR TIMES.

I've seen Tangled close to a million times and I cried the first and maybe the second time I saw it, during the lantern scene. And maybe during the Flynn-being-sacrificial scene.  But getting teary-eyed over it (and other scenes that never caused me to blink an eye) now?

I had to run to the bathroom and take a pregnancy test. It was negative.  But I had to make sure!  I'm rarely this emotional.  Do you guys ever take a pregnancy test just because you're feeling more emotional than normal?

Maybe it's the's been so cloudy and rainy and grey over the past week.

But whatever the case, I feel like having a really good, long cry.  I haven't seen Les Miserables yet, and I've really been wanting to, and we have the Blu-Ray just waiting to be stuck in the player. So maybe I'll watch that tonight.

What do you do when you feel like crying?


  1. :( You do have reason to be sad and grieving - the usual job/living situation stress, the grieving for your grandpa, the terrible stories in the news.

    I'd actually say you're in a healthy place right now in that you're able to cry/tear up. It's good to be able to get your emotions out! You're more emotionally tender right now due to all the things going on, and so the "little" things (like the movie) can really set you off (This sounds like every time I'm PMSy, lol). It took me a long time to be able to cry after my grandma died, and I really needed to just get those emotions out. Allow yourself some time to process everything; allow yourself some space and time to cry. You'll be okay *hug*

    1. Thanks so much!! You are such an encouragement to me. *hug*

  2. That case is so tragic, I know! You are so cute though:) Love your blog! love Katie


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