Who Am I?

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I am 24 (I think I got that right - somewhere around 22 I lost track...not really...but for whatever reason, my birthday and age stopped being so important after 21!).

I am an evangelical Christian.  You could probably also tag on words like fundamentalist, right-wing, conservative, and probably in the eyes of some, intolerant.  But I don't mind.  God has saved me through His son, Jesus, and I am learning more and more each day on how to follow my Savior.  I am learning more about what it means to love, about what it means to have faith, about humility, about who God is - so much more than just love, so much more than just justice, so much more than what I can comprehend!  But I will go more into my faith on this page.

Me, in my cloak, at college. Back when I had long hair and a flip phone!
I am the biggest nerd you will ever meet, although I may not write very much about it on here.  I am a Lord of the Rings fanatic, to the extent that I have LARPed (Live Action Roleplay) and have my very own cloak and swords!  I met some of my closest friends through a shared love of LOTR, and it will always hold a very special place in my heart, even if I never LARP again.  I also am an eager Whovian and have even converted my husband and dad to enjoying Dr. Who!  I love anime and manga; Bleach, Noein, Vampire Knight, and Death Note are my favorite animes that I have watched so far.  I'm also reading through the Game of Thrones series and enjoy it, although I can only recommend it to adults due to its very mature themes that give me insight into a world without Christ (and cause me to appreciate God even more!).  Oh, and I LOVE The Big Bang Theory and introduced my mom to it, and we now watch it faithfully every Thursday night!  I probably like it because it reminds me of my college so much...I went to a pretty nerdy school where my interests blossomed :)
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I am married to a pretty incredible husband, and we have a beautiful daughter who is just about 1 year old.  Jordan and I met in high school, dated long-distance for several years through college, and got married a week after I graduated.  We had our daughter, Svanja, a little over 2 years after we got married.  So we've been married over 3 years now, and it's so cool seeing how our relationship has been growing through the years.  I'll probably talk more about how we met and about our relationship on another page or in some blog posts.

I also am a pilot, astronomer, DIYer, budding gardener (no pun intended! seriously!), hesitant cook, avid reader, pianist, newbie sewer, and sweets lover.

If you've read this far, thank you!!  I ramble on too much sometimes ;)

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  1. omg!!! I'm a LOTR nerd too!! Along with Star trek & starwars.. I'm so jellin after your cloak!! ;) You have one beautiful baby girl. :) So looking forward to future readings!! Xoxoxo


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